May 8, 2007
Hi guys as you can probably guess I’m very new too the sport. A friend and I are getting introduced to the sport by my uncle Roger. Uncle Roger has been riding since he was in 2nd grade along with his 2 brothers Garry (my dad) and Rex (Died in 1980, Motorcycle accident) they used to do MX racing and I’ve wanted to do it since 4th grade.

I’ve been riding 5 times now, 1st time I froze and almost went into a ditch lol. (Story for another time). 2nd time I rode an old red Kawasaki 175 2 stroke. I did a lot better that time around, no laying the bike over a foot away from the ditch lol. 3rd time was with a friend and I was on a Honda 80cc 4 stroke (learned how to do doubles through a ditch and ride up and down ditch banks). 4th time I rode solo and my uncle put me on a Kawasaki 200cc, and 5th time I rode the Kawasaki while my friend rode the old 175.

I’ve been riding at my uncle’s farm which is a blast because he has pastures and empty fields along with an elevated ditch road and of course a ditch right next to it. I plan to do a lot more riding and ill have my own bike soon so I can’t wait. I’d like to thank you all for your courteous responses and answering my questions instead of flaming me for being a newbie, I really appreciate it. I plan to be on here a lot and ask a lot of questions so, I suppose, ill see you all around….
Thanks again,


Dude Guy Bub
Damn Yankees
Mar 31, 2007
Well hi Cameron and welcome to the forums. This place is full of knowledge so just remember always search your question before posting it. Have fun.

Welcome to DRN

No trolls, no cliques, no spam & newb friendly. Do it.

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