Oct 17, 2007
Hi to all of you,

I'm writting from Belgium. I have been riding motocross more then ten years ago and from 2 years ago my son Arnaud began to ride a small Ktm 50cm3. I think it's a good thing as motocross is a nice sport, I would say a way of life, in which you can get the respect and to give the respect to others.
Usually I order items by American's shops but at this time I would like to buy an item which could not be sent internationally from Usa ! I don't know why but the only solution would be that I buy it, I pay it with a card as usually and ask the delivery to a contact in the Usa and this person will send me than this item as soon as she receives it. My interest is for a Leatt Brace for a kids. One of you would be agree to give me his support in this matter. In fact I ask your help as there is no other solution.
Thanks in advance for your reply....and have a nice week...

Tony Eeds

Godspeed Tony.
N. Texas SP
Jun 9, 2002
Welcome to the site.

As far as you question, hopefully someone will step up. I know little to nothing about the brace and how to get it to you.
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