Nick Wey Injured


Hot Sauce
SOunds like he is hurt pretty bad, hope he has a Full recevery!

une 28, 2007
Nick Wey Injured

Ping just talked to Randy Lawrence, who gave us an update on Xyience/MDK Honda's Nick Wey, who was injured riding at his home track yesterday. Wey crashed over a big step-up, and he hit his head pretty hard. He also hurt his hip, so he went to the hospital and got it checked out, and nothing was broken. Unfortunately they discovered that his brain was bleeding from the hard impact, so they kept him overnight for observation. At this point they expect a full recovery, but he'll be out indefinitely. Stay tuned to Racer X and we'll let you know more as soon as we do.


Crash Test Dummy
I talked to him in the pits yesterday. He's up walking around.. That must be a good sign.
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