angry jim

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Aug 4, 2000
My vacation plans for this week fell through. Now I have a week off and was wondering if anyone had any time for a midweek ride. I'm open to any offers, but I'm hoping for some Sierra riding or something along those lines. If nobody can make it, I'd love to here some suggestions on good places to ride where I wont get lost and there's lots of singletrack. I have a 3 gallon tank that will get me 50 miles no problem. Thanks for any suggestions. I'm off to do my rain dance!


Oct 31, 2000
I was at Dave Wood's class in Downieville this weekend. That area kicks butt - well, at least my butt. I have no idea how Dave rides as fast as he does over those trails.

The only downside is the getting lost part. I usually have a pretty good sense of direction and I had no clue of where I was at times. Dave mentioned that the mtn bike trail maps are a lot better than the OHV map the rangers mailed to me.



Jul 1, 2000
That rain dance is working great down here in Los Gatos, AngryJim. T-storms and the smell of rain! My days off don't start till Sun thu Tues, next week. Would like to hit Middlecreek 1 of those days. Georgetown's good fun any time of year also.


Apr 7, 2000
Now that I'm working for a living it is hard to get away during the week....Sure wish I could join you for a ride....

It's raining here in Lodi:)

Dirty Dave

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Jul 31, 1999
Wow you must've gone to the 'Aurther Murry' school of rain dancing. it poured in Manteca last night. Good Job! ;)
I like Forest Hill, out of Auburn(I80 & Foresthill divide rd.).
99% trails marked as to number and someones definition of difficulty.
95% of all trails are complete loops and most intersections are marked.
3 good staging areas w/ toilets and loading/unloading ramps.
This rain should have knocked the dust down nicely.
:think After the jab earlier this year about my chest protector "lookin' like a lobster bib" I don't know if I should be passin' all this info:p BTW it was a BBQ bib:)
have a safe ride if you can't find any partners...:cool:
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angry jim

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Aug 4, 2000
If I had known that all I had to do was dance.... Sorry about the lightning. I think I over did it a little. Something about the Lords name in vain...oops!

Dirty Dave, you lost me on the chest protector thing, but thanks for the info!
I still don't know where I'll go yet.
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