Not cranking well after wrecking...


May 16, 2001
I went riding today in the woods for the first time on my '99 300 MXC and I noticed that everytime I wrecked(not serious, just kickers in mud or something) and the bike fell over it took it a good 10 or more minutes to crank when usually it cranks first time every time when warmed up. Any ideas for fixing this or am i just gonna have to wait the alotted time for it to do its thing?

Also one more question. Im new to 2 strokes and all so this may sound like a trivial question, but my bike wont idle by itself. I have to give it gas to keep it running while im just sitting there in neutral or in gear with clutch in. It does this whether it is hot or cold. Any ideas? should i just try messing with the airscrew or what?



Damn Yankees
May 14, 2000
Kat, Sounds like your two problems are directly related to one another. I suspect the pilot curcuit is too rich, try opening up the air screw some,(1/4-1/2 turn at a time) if condition improves, then you are indeed too rich on the pilot jet.
If no luck with the pilot curcuit, you may need to adjust float level.
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Aug 8, 1999
Everything Shaw said plus one more thing. My experience with the 300 says to use LOTS of throttle opening to start it once warmed up, whether just a stall or after laying it on its side.

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