Aug 21, 2001
I am too short for my 2000 rm125, I will be buying a new bike soon,which 2002 125 could be lowered easiest? Also thinking about kx100 big wheel, the size is about right. RPM make a big bore kit 112cc, would it be fast enough or should I stick to a 125. I am 36 years old and have stopped growing, and the bike will be raced (mx). Any idea's or thought's would be great.


Aug 17, 2001
u could check out BBR Motorsports .if your willing to spend money on a bike, and plan on using it for awhile, they are a good choice. they specilize in putting 4-stroke engine in 2-stroke frames. they put a 250F motor in a cr80 chassis. if are willing to step-up to the price, they could build a custom frame for you and drop a 2-stroke 125cc motor in it. look at it this way, if you plan on racing and have an underweight bike, you can add heavy performance parts and not worry.

hope that helped:)


Jul 7, 2000
Any good suspension shop should be able to lower a bike, regardless of brand. MX-Tech lowered my WR250F 1.5" so that my 5'5" frame could actually touch the ground. Depending on springs needed and whether you pop for a re-valve your looking at $700-800 US. In my case it was money well spent as the suspension action I have now is better than I would have imagined before. I would guess that if you ride MX, lowering might be less important than woods riding, especially after you were confident on the bike.


Mar 14, 2001
my friend got his 01 cr125 lowered by a local suspension guy, shaved seat a little, did some suspension adjusting he's about 5'4 too. i would stick with the 125's and get the suspension and seat adjusted.


May 29, 2001
BBRs are nice bikes, but you definately need deep pockets to afford one. I opted to go the 125 route & had 3" removed from the front & rear suspension... in addition I got the springs matched to my weight (softer) & had the front & rear revalved with Pro-Action. The result... I love my bike & wouldn't trade it for anything else. It's a few years old now ('96 KX125) but putting a new top end in this one & doing other maintenance things is cheaper than forking out for a '01/'02 & having to redo the suspension again. I was a bit concerned about losing suspension travel but since I ride X-country, not MX it's not very often I need huge suspension. Plus I would prefer to have a little less travel that's fully 'dialed-in' suspension and works for me & my riding terrain, vs. so-so suspension that has lots of travel but is kicking me all over so I would do the same even if I was riding MX. The other cool thing is the center of gravity is lowered so the bike handles like you would not believe - I could ride singletrack all day, I imagine it would be pretty fun on a track as well :confused: Riding this bike for 5 years has boosted my confidence & I'm now riding stuff I didn't think was possible a few years ago. I find a 125 has lots of 'manageable' power (at least for my 130 lbs frame) and there are lots of performance mods that can be done to customize the power to your needs (I had my cylinder machined & added a flywheel weight to make it more bush friendly) - It would be nice to have the extra power of a 200/250 to pull me up the odd hill, but I think challenging myself on a 125 is making me a better rider.

Best of luck... happy riding.:)


Nov 17, 2001
The KX 100 sounds like a decent option. Is there a class for it where you live? Locally there is not much action in the 100 class.

To be 100% honest, your not any smaller than RC. He appears to be able to ride a motorcycle in a decent manner. I would have MX tech lower the shock and fork. If that is nt enough, cut the subframe and seat.


Jan 9, 2000
The 04 rm125 and 03 kx125 are much smaller std than a 02 rm125-maybe time to buy a newer bike, both these bikes with(maybe without) a subframe mod will fit you.


Jul 7, 2003
I'm your stature, and I weight around 120lbs. In my case, I need to get a revalve done at both ends (I race MX bikes in the woods). The local tuner charges $50 to lower both ends (internally) up to 3" if I'm already getting a revalve. Without a revalve, they charge $150 to do both ends.

If I were me (and I am), I'd want to lower both ends equally. I can't imagine that a low back end and a high front end lends itself to a good handling bike. I've never done a subframe mod, but I'd like to hear some handling feedback from those who have done it.

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