Apr 30, 2001

Truespode, I'm not very confident the Vortip will fit a YZ. It's made to replace the factory WR ex. insert. I've got one on my 426. It has a 1-7/8 o.d.. You may be able to drill a small hole to match the mounting lug,but check your outlet dia. before ordering. Fineline suspension and I believe Baja Designs are licensed by White bros. to make them. I found it very quiet(I could not hear my exhaust over the airbox noise, lid off) but I had a bad stumble i/4-1/3 throttle. I removed the tubes even to where the twisted baffle starts,and found most of the response I'd lost. it's not harsh but does make some noise at WFO. good luck, Jonny 426


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Sep 15, 1999
I dont know how happy you will be with the E-series.. My brother barely passed his DB test for an enduro here with a Big Gun on his DR350. My 380 got through no problem. There was a guy in front of us at the test area on a XR 400 with the E-series that had failed on his first attempt and was down to just a couple discs, trying to get it passed. I dont know how many discs you can have in and still pass? But I doubt the bike would perform better than with the stock exhaust.... Maybe someone will read this that has an E-seris and knows more about it than me..... I have only heard good things about Big Gun quiet core and the FMF Quiet core......


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Nov 22, 2000
Spud, I bought a Vortip for my XR4 and the lug (for the bolt) was misaligned. Plus, I think the Vortip is just a spark arrestor. I could be wrong, but do some research before you buy.

Man, I'm liking my 250F.:cool:
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