Observed Trials & Cells?

Mar 20, 2006
My question is if the fellow trials riders here, and medical professionals in the field, think using Asterisk Cells in the sport of Observed Trials (Motorcycle) is a good idea.

The crashes a Trials rider has is different than that of an MXer or woods rider. The speeds are obviously slower, but the types of crashes are also different. I am usually crashing when I fail to make it over an obstacle, so you either bail off the bike or come down with the bike still in hand, many times trying to land on your feet in some nasty looking terrain to fall on. I hear of trials riders landing with their foot in a crevice and tweaking a knee that way.

I have recently tweaked my knee while riding and it has got me to thinking of using some sort of knee joint protection, for stabilizing my knee while it heals and for prevention of future injuries......what do you think?

BTW....I am 42 years old and ride Intermediate class at club level, and still want to push my limits to I do my share of crashing!

Dec 1, 2007
I'm surprised that no one has responded to your question - posted almost 9 months ago.

I'm new to trials riding and have the typical knee issues that a 54 year old with sports related prior knee injuries has. I've been looking at knee braces, but won't buy then until I can try them on. The truly functional ones cost so much I'd hate to buy a set without the opportunity to look at the quality and construction as well as check the fit.

For me there's no doubt about doing any serious riding with braces. Seems like any more if I plant my foot that knee joint will eventually slide under pressure. I don't want to be in a position where that slide becomes a tear and have to have more surgery on these old knees. There's no substitute for keeping the muscle strength up first, but I know the limitations of my joints.

Lots of good choices out there. I visited the wholesalemx site today and they offer some of the braces that I'm considering. Good luck with your choice. Please post again with a review of the braces your choose. Larry