Jan 12, 2001
i've seen a new product for ktms, offset triple clamps. I know emig racing makes them, does anyone have any experince using them? how exactly do they work, do they make the bike turn better in the tight? thanks

Coach in ND

Mar 19, 2001
I've been interested in the aftermarket triple clamps as well but can't bring myself to spend the cash. Instead I slid my forks up in the clamps until they hit the bars. This made a big difference.;)


Jul 21, 1999
I really like them on my 01 400E. Steers super well. No more wandering in a corner or, another way to say it, when you pick a line, it requires no corrections. It just goes where you tell it the first time.

I have so much more confidence to lay this bike over into the berms in the woods now. I can relax more on the grips, too. Well worth the money, IMO.

If you're a woods rider, get the Scott's 18mm clamps. Those have the pinch bolts in front which allow you to use the SRC or Cycra style inner BB mounts if you choose (and you should choose, IMO!).

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