May 11, 2007
I seem to be getting a little oil in my air filter, but the bike seems fine. What is my problem? is it something major? what do I do to keep oil from getting on the air filter? there is no oil leaking anywhere else, not on the engine or anywhere. I will clean the oil filter to try and save a little money and it has oil spots. after 2 to 3 cleanings, I replace it, to only find 2 weeks later more oil spots. please help.


Oct 19, 2006
Aren't you supposed to oil the filter?

The source of you are seeing is probably from the crankcase breather. I don't know the CRF150F personally, but a lot of bikes run a breather hose from the crankcase to the air box.


Apr 18, 2006
Like 76' said, what is the problem?

If you have the typical foam air filter element then you should be intentionally putting oil on it. It is the oil that catches the dust. The foam should be taken off regularly, cleaned ,re-oiled and put back.

The oil you are getting on it now would be from the crankcase breather. A small amount is normal. If the amount of oil becomes excessive then it is an indication that you are getting a lot of "blow by" and it might be time to replace the rings.


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