Dec 26, 2000
Pls.help me about some basic questions.
My former bike was a KTM and really took care of it..
Mainly doing relaxed trail riding
1/ What would be your advise regarding the mileage before changing the oil.
2/is this ok to change the filter and clean the stainer every second oil change ?
3/Where can I find a magnetic drain bolt ?
Rgds RakO


Aug 24, 1999
i didn't even ride mine before i changed the oil. warm it up good, maybe ride it 1 km or so and dump the factory oil. the filter will have LOTS of shavings in it. refill with 1.7L of good oil (non-EC). throw the filter away. i changed the oil in mine 4 times in the first 40km. threw the filter away with each oil change because of the shavings. i just did my 7th filter change monday nite because of shavings. check the strainer once now and again in 6 months. the screen on it is so big it will only catch chunks (like parts of a gear) so don't worry about the strainer. i would check/change the filter everytime until you don't get shavings anymore.


Nov 4, 2000
I changed my oil after the first ride. I still have the original filter - I just sprayed it from the inside with carb cleaner to clean it. Main thing is make sure it is not deformed and don't use a brush on it - you will mess up the mesh.

This is an opinionated issue (oil, what type, how often) - but here is my program:
I change the oil every 2 to 3 rides ( appx 8 hrs riding). I clean the filter every other time I change the oil. I use Castrol GTX and mix ( 50/50) 10/40 with 20/50 to get a 15/45. I have done alot of research and found no evidence that "motorcycle" oil has any special ingredients in it or is a better grade. Therefor I will not spend 300% more for it. Show me some proof and I will buy yamalube the rest of my life!

A p.s. on the strainer filter - an open end 15/16 fits it perfectly - it is a pain to get at - and there won't be anything in it-would not even bother unless you feel you have to.


Feb 6, 2001
There are as many opinions on this matter as anything else. My theroy is this use good motorcycle oil and change your filter at least every third oil change. I run Motul 3000 10W 40 it runs about 4 dollars a quart. I also change my filter every other oil change.

I would rather do that than shell out $1200 to $1400 for the tranny to be rebuilt. There a 2 at the local shop here being rebuilt. The guy working on them told me it was because one of two things: cheap oil or lack of maintence or maybe both!

As far as a magnetic oil drain bolt check out www.zipty.com

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