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Dec 26, 1999
Got this PM tonight and didn't have the answer.
last minute sign up!

I'm in the process if trying my luck at the paypal thing, signing up for dirtweek. From what I have seen, I'll be the first from Iowa...this has me stumped and defies statistical logic. I plan on signing up for AMA at the event (this is ok, right?)

The reason I am writing you...I have a few friends that would like to go, but may not be able to do pay pal. I know the deadline is Sept. 7th...if their entry was POSTMARKED by this date, would that be acceptable? If I knew these guys a bit better, I would sign up for them on my card, but I've only ridden with them a few times...

Thanks in advance for your help!
-Motometal (formerly motopuffs)


May 7, 1999
Galena, IL
..... if postmarked by Sept 7, the mailman should have no problem delivering to Chicagoland by the 12th.... even from the backwoods of Iowa. Tell motometal to send me an email this week with the names and date of arrival.


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