Opinions from '00 husky wr 250 needed!


I could get husky wr 250 cheap from my friend who is taking break from riding. He is going start studying again and needs money.

Bike is technically in good condition. Has scratches and pipe is badly dent. Tires are ok. Chain needs replacement but sprockets are ok. It is about 20 hours ridden.

Have you had any technical troubles with Your Huskies?
What are the weak points?

what is your overall opinion about the bike? Is it waste of money?
Would you buy another?

What are the best mod's for the bike?

Thank's in advance!!


My stepson raced a 2000 last year in the “AA” class of the AMA District 22 hare scrambles series. He ended being the overall winner for the year so as you can imagine the bike got run very hard. He liked riding it and is on a 2001 Husky this year.

The only complaint that he had with the 2000 WR was that the suspension was way to stiff. He sent it off for a revalve and was happy with it after that.

Hope this helps. :)


Wr 250 suspension

Is it possible that us Euros have differently setted up suspension?
My friend's bikes susp is very soft and it is stock. You cannot jump on mx-track at all. Bottoms very hard! Same thing in high speed whoops..

I propably need to have suspension revalved if I decide to buy it..

I have to ride the bike this week. For some reason I'm not certain if it is right bike for me. I get for good price if I decide to take it.. About 1000$ cheaper than other similar bikes.. I know bikes history very well and it has low hours.

I have to take a loan from a bank to buy it. I wan't to be sure I make a good choice!


Mine can be a bit harsh over small bumps, like roots. I fix that by running 8psi or so in the front tire :). It does bottom quite a lot though, and I wouldn't call the suspension stiff in any way. If I could go back a year I would have had it revalved/sprung, but there's no point now as I'll be selling it in a couple months.
Husky WR250 is an excellent bike (I'd say go for a 360 myself), but you should look for the usual things, clean airbox, check suspension (OEM is relatively lively), dents in expansion chamber and pipe and most importantly, compression. Huskies should be relatively tight when starting and after 20hrs use, the bike should really have the rings replaced.
One thing l have notices about owning a Euro bike is that if you maintain them well ie stick to the scheduled maintenance timespann, the bike will last forever.
Performance, well lets just say l have a friend who sold his 00KTM300 for a 00WR250, in his words, more tractable motor, better suspension and more agile, plus that word: relability!
Last but not least, the whole WR range is made for enduro riding and not MX tracks - buy a SX if you want that type of thing.
Have fun!




I have decided to not to buy that bike. It didn't feel good to me. I'm getting a YZ instead. Propably 400.

Thanks everybody for replies..