Jun 18, 2000
My man and I along with a freind are trying to get a trip scheduled for the Dunes but we're on a serious budget. We were going to rent a 24' RV but not for $850! We want to go August 15 - 20 (5 days). I'v been checking out hotel prices and it looks like we will be spending about $380 for 5 days at the Best Western in Reedsport. Does anyone have any suggestions? We tried the KOA camp grounds but their cabins are booked untill September. We will also be bringing the jetski so we can hit the waves. How cold will the water be?
Hopefully some of you can join us if we make it.


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Oct 23, 2000
Are those dates set in stone? I have a wedding to go to that weekend. How about the previous week? I’ll make Steve commit to a date if I have to twist his arm. I really want to go! We’ll probably take the motorhome but I don’t know where we’ll camp.


Jun 2, 1999
i may be headed down for the weekend of the 11th for sandfest to go riding quads with some friends. my fave spot to ride out of is spinreel campground, down toward coos bay.

i usually make it down there 2 to 4 times a year. when i go, friends always make reservations at 'the salty seagull' in reedsport, its old & its grimy, but it's cheaper than the best western and a shower & bed at the end of the day is nice. we usually book a 2-room suite for about $45/night, then split it up evenly... we usually have 4-6 (occasionally more) in the room.
there are also other hotels in the town of reedsport & florence but i dont recall any names...

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