Last weekend I was trying to overlap the throttle and front brake to try to stay in a berm. Anybody out there do this succesfully?There must be a technique to it that I'm just not using. Do you just barley touch the brake when you do this? Is it a gradual braking process? This just seem to make my horrible choppy riding style even worse. Any tips will probably help.


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You need to keep practicing and develop a feel for it. Use one finger either your index or middle finger. How hard you drag it depends on the conditions. Try to be smooth with it I like to drag my front and rear going into a rutted turn. If the conditions are soft (like sand ) DON'T do it. It will make the front tuck.

Try riding in a straight line and lightly feather the front brake and throttle at the same time. After a while you get the hang of the coordination involved.