Apr 24, 2007
:p kx 250 98: oil plug repair

the guy i bought my from forgot to tell me he stripped the casing while replacing the plug

any way quick repair tips

1 from original 14m hole, start 7/16 fine thread tap into casing
2 continue tap until it hits the clutchc basket
3 withdraw tap fully, and flush tranny w/ oil
4 probe hole w/ wire to get an acurate measuremant to clutch basket
5 with matching die (7/16 FNT) cut threads onto gr.8 7/16 shank and head( will have to be bought or pulled off an old tractor) it is critical to use matching tap and die castings
6 cut a plastic washer out of an old oil jug
7 repeat flushing once or twice before riding

I found on my bike, that 1/2 " was the perfect length for the shank, try to cut your threads as straight as possible.

tools required: hacksaw, tap and die set, vise, grinder(to bevel shank), bike stand, ballpein hammer,torque wrench,snipe

to cut straight threads:
1 lock die into spinner
2 lock spinner in vise as plumb as possible
3 bevel tip of shank @ 37degrees
4 insert head into a socket on a 3/8 drive ratchet
5 start slowly and with pressure 1/4 turns of the ratchet w/a good dose of kutting oil
6 once threads have caught make fine adjustments to pitch by lightly tapping head w/ hammer( genearally you can get it pretty straight by eye)
8 use a 2ft snipe and a torque wrench to cut all the way down to the head(not more than 30ft/lbs, or else your crooked, if this is a problem, start over

the resulting repair cost me 8 cents and works just the same as factory or shop repaired.
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