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Mar 23, 2001
I have an '00 KDX 220 and was wondering how this pipe performs? Is it comparible to the FMF rev pipe? Can I use it with the stock Kaw silencer? Anybody have one?


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Oct 13, 1999
I rode one season with the PC pipe on my 220 and I hated it. I would describe it as a cross between the FMF torque and rev pipes. It was very difficult to get the jetting spot on and I lost a considerable amount of low end power. I switched to an FMF torque pipe and I had it jetted crisp in an hour. The low and midrange power was great and it had as much top end as the PC (not as much as the FMF rev though).

A freind of mine that rides a KDX 200 bought the PC pipe from me and it works very well on his bike,... I guess it's just a bad choice for a 220.

If you're looking for top end, get the FMF rev and if you want a great low end and midrange boost, get the FMF torque. I'd suggest staying away from the PC.

The PC silencer, on the other hand, works very well on your bike and fits a lot nicer than the FMF piece. And yes, you can stick with your stock S/A - It's a little heavy but you don't gain much performance with an aftermarket S/A

good luck

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