Pipe guard


I just bought a pipe gaurd for my new FMF pipe on my 2000 KDX 220. The guard is just a peice of metal that can be formed to the pipe and attached with hose clamps. My questions are;

1. Will this not rattle around, or possibly wear heavily on the pipe being that there will be metal on metal contact?

2. What could I put in between the guard and pipe that will prevent No. 1. from occuringand not be damaged by the heat from the pipe. :think

Thanks in advance for any replies.


I have been using that same guard on my bikes for 8 years and they have not rattled or come loose. I would just make sure that you bend it correctly to get a good fit and crank down the hose calmps nice and tight. I do not put anything between the pipe and the guard.



i have a frp pipe guard and it seems to protect better than a mettal one. they are $54.95 but it is completly worth it.

WR 250

I had a Devol pipe guard on my old WR 250 for 3 years. I used it on both the stock and a Pro-Circuit pipe. I had to make sure I kept the hose clamps tight because otherwise it would rattle and make a lot of noise. It didn't cause any problems with wear on the pipes but it did make cleaning a pain in the butt.