Aug 2, 2001
It is me again the newbie with the YZ 490. Can anyone tell me what other models have pipes that will fit this. MY bike is a 1987. I have been told a lot of parts are interchangable with other models.

Also any other brands and years that would be compatible. I am trying to find a replacement pipe used is great. Is a WR 500 the same engine? Will parts swap with the YZ 250?

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Jun 25, 1999
Although the frame on your bike is very similar to the 250's of that year, the pipes are considerably different in design. As to what pipe to get, I went with the FMF and it helped open the bike up. I wouldnt be suprised if the WR pipe would work on the yz. I know of a gentleman here that used a modified yz490 cylinder on his wr 500 back in 92, but I dont know the extent of the mods (I believe that it was cylinder decking and porting). He ran the same FMF pipe that is on the bike now (with the stock wr cylinder). With that in mind, I would LEAN towards that pipe probably working but would check with FMF first. Pro Circuit also makes a pipe for those bikes, but I dont know anything about how good\bad it works. I like the fmf for my application.

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