Dec 2, 2001
Hey! I ride at poole rd in raleigh. It is kinda trashy but not bad. There are some great trails and some freestyle type jumps that are carved into a cliff. There is a really great Hillclimb and one of those awesome elevated berms Go on the outer beltline and take the poole rd exit. Turn left at the first opportunity and you will go over an overpass. travel down that road for a short while until yoy see a polaris store. Turn left at the intersection where the polaris store is and go down until you see rodgers rd (1/4 mi) Turn onto rodgers and go until you see a big turn and if you look to your left you will see some ... worn down grass where it looks like trails almost. ramp up the curb and head down to the bottom. If you take the left hand trail (as when you are coming from the rd.) You will eventually get to the big open area with all the jumps. mabye we can go ridin sometime. email me at and i can give u some more info. I'm 14


Jan 26, 2002
It depends on what you are looking for. The group I ride with are all pretty
experienced riders on new equipment. We do mostly woods. The Poole Rd
area is shrinking rapidly. I expect it to be closed this year. There are some excellent trails at the Sharon Harris power plant and near Durham off Rt 98.


Jan 14, 2002
There Are? I went to sharron harris once and found nothing! (this was in the good old days). Can you tell me where they are and how to get there?

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