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Where is good trail riding in Southern California that doesn't require stickers

Sep 10, 2018
Hi everyone,

First and foremost, I know people are going to say you have to be stickered in California to ride and there is no place to ride without being stickered. But, with that being said, I know that is not true and have been riding all over Southern California for nearly six years without being stickered. I have been riding at Moreno Valley now for quite some time, and I am looking to expand on new technical trails and hill climbs. (Yes I am aware of getting caught and the risks involved with doing this). Regardless, I'm looking for new spots that I can ride on and where I don't have to pay or check in with rangers; somewhere similar to Moreno in the sense that I can park somewhere and ride on as many trails as I can find.

I read that Hungry Valley and California City are good options but were curious if anyone has any other recommendations!