Places To Ride Off-road Motorcycles In B.C Canada!


Oct 25, 1999
That's a good site especially for your neighbors to the South.

BC has the most incredible riding areas. I find it amazing that more people from Washington don't take advantage of it. Me and a buddy have been racing the PNWMA series and have just been amazed by the terrain.


Apr 2, 2001
ya it is

a great site for the people down south. Hey ultrachrome: I race PNMWA too. I only do the local races though because i dont have my licence yet(4 more months though). Have you raced in Vernon @ the Squelin Pig or Big Rooster races?. I want to try Kelownas Bear Creek out. Oh and I race in the junior over class cuz i'm only 16, but i still kick most of the guys a$$*s that are in my class:p . I got 4th last race. I'm hoping on getting in the top three next race.:)
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