Places to Ride please reply Yamamot


Jun 20, 2001
Yamamoto I was on your msn photo album and I saw some KILLER places to ride I was wondering if you ride on the west coast of florida at all I know you go to croom but I thought you had other places to ride. Looking for more of a dirt place than sugar sand like croom


Apr 3, 2001
I have alot of places, the next one I need to get photos of is an Island that we ride on. Its alot of work to get over there but it is well worth it because the nature and the white beaches are the bomb. We load our bikes in a 38 ft open fishing boat and stay on the island all weekend.

The Photos that you seen are up north from me located in a small town called Indian Town.

I drive 200 miles to get there.

This is Air Dania


This is MiamiCross
Miami Cross

Hey if you have a ride and you like camping, I will invite you to where I maybe going.

It seems that all my buddys call me to ask where and when because they like to go where ever I go for some strange reason, if I say Croom then they come with me.

another place is right off I-75 , its in the Big Cypress reserve and you will find everything from rocks,mud, sands, and some slimy stuff
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