Aug 2, 2001
Mike asked me this question and I feel it important to post this so people can really understand.

Thank YOU!!

I appreciate that you asked, it is important to not listen to these extremist and judge a whole religion by what these guys say.

NO! It does not say in the Koran to kill Christians. In our book it also says that Jesus will come and lead us all to heaven.
There are 6 Billion people in the world. 1.2 Billion are Muslim. Out of that 1.2 billion less than one percent are extremist. And of those one percent, very very few agree with what happemed at the WTC.
One in six people in the world are Muslim. If you consider that you will see how few are like this.

There are currently 980 Muslims missing in the World Trade Center.

These terrorists have political agendas not religious ones. They distort the religion to recruit and brainwash young weak minded people to do their bidding. Some are educated some are not. All are consumed with hate. Remember that just because someone has a degree does not make him intelligent.

People are ingnorant fools who just listen to what these supposed "religios scholars" say.

It is kind of like the KKK when they claim the Bible tells them to kill anyone who is not white protestant. I read the bible does not say it in there that I could find. See these types of people take their own meaning from books that preach Love for our fellow man and forgiveness.

In the Koran it also says even in war that it is forbidden to kill women and children. It also says that if your enemy is unarmed you may not kill him. The most important thing it says it not to kill innocent bystanders. It is written that if you kill one innocent person, then it is the same punishment as if you killed all of humanity. This stuff was written in the days of the Crusades and war. However in Prophet Mohammed's time even if Muslim's had conquered a land the Jews and Christians lived freely as neighbors. No one was forced to convert.

I am a Muslim and I am an American. I would fight these assholes even if I was not an American. I hate them and their bull**** interpretations of religion. I don't care of they are brown or white. Weather they wear a turban or a white sheet.

Like I asked one of my freinds who happens to be white and Christian.
Why did he support David Koresh and what he did. Koresh said everything he did was backed up by the bible. Timothy McVeigh's group is called the Christian Identity Movement.

He told me these guys were wackos and did not represent him or any Christians he knew of. That the Koresh's and McVeigh's of the world did not even come close to his definition of a Christian.

I say the same of these supposed "Muslim" assholes.




***** freak.
May 5, 2000
Maybe teaching about relligion in the public schools wouldn't be such a bad idea. All the majors could be taught without promoting any single one. Religion (and the perversion of same) has played a HUGE role in world history and if more people had a clue, we wouldn't need posts like this one.:)
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