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Dec 10, 2000
I took my two young sons to eat breakfast at Golden Corral today. When we arrived, the Republican Party was having a political rally to discuss the new district map that the Democratic Party has drawn for Georgia. They were whining and lamenting over the fact that the Democrats had drawn a district map that was clearly intended to eliminate Republican districts, and increase the amount of Democratic votes. As I was standing there listening to them, they asked for comments from the patrons of the resturaunt, so I chimed in with my reply, "If the tables were reversed, you would be doing the exact same thing to them. All of you devote your entire careers to finding ways to further your own political power, and to try to figure out more and more ways to try to take more money from my pocket. Your quest for power, and your appetite for my money, are endless." The speaker had this shocked expression on his face, as if he could not believe I had the audacity to criticize him, and he responded with the usual political rhetoric and dribble about how the American public needs the help of the government to prosper, and the taxation was a neccessary evil to ensure that all Americans have an equal chance at prosperity. To this I replied that the government is not a nanny, and there true goal was simply to place as many people under government control and into government dependency as possible, simply to increase the size and scope of government power. At this point, he said that this was not the type of feed back that they were interested in hearing, that I obviously had a personal agenda that I was trying to further, and that my comments were no longer appreciated or welcome, and he had the restuarant manager ask me to leave. These people were obviously hoping that the people in this restaurant were ignorant sheep that knew nothing of politics, and were not going to hear from anyone that disagreed with their viewpoint.

To quote a very famous book: "From each according to his means, to each according to his needs."- Karl Marx, The Communist Manifesto- This sums up the current political attitude in this country very well.

I know we aren't supposed to discuss politics here, but the attitude and mentality of these people infuriated me. They are supposed to work for me, but when asked what I thought of their discussion, they did not wish to hear my answers once they realized that I did not support their position, and then they had the nerve to ask me to leave a restaurant that I had paid to eat in, while their meal was undoubtedly paid for by my tax money. I just had to vent a little.:o :o :o
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