Feb 26, 2004
Hey guys.

I have a 2003 KX-125 and my son has a 2003 RM-85. We both have been running pump gas from a local Citgo station 2 minutes from the house rated "93". An old friend of mine who I got the chance to go riding with over the weekend told us that we should be running at least 95+ octane rating. However, I remember hearing somewhere that the 93 they list at the station was an average of two numbers (Anti-Knock index and/or something else?) with one being 95. He also reccomend special Race gas that you buy and mix a certain amount with the premium pump gas. Any advantages to this either?

So what I am basically asking is the "93" rating at the station good enough for the bike? Should I drive down to the Sunoco station which I know pumps "95"? Is 93 adequate here, and even if so, would I benefit at all from going down to Sunoco and getting their 95 instead?

One last thing, my son's friends all run "Regular" pump gas in their 80/85's. I am trying to urge my son into persuading them into using higher octane pump ratings in their bikes, but I am wondering what exactly are the consequences there so I can try to explain to them better?

Many thanks
-Mike :thumb:
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