Jun 1, 2007
bought a pw80 not sure of year, white with purpleish seat. manual coming in mail next week. it seemed to be running ok but it got muddy and wife took it to car wash. told her to stay away from air box. now it seems its only running on one clylinder. i know it only has one but if it had two its only running on one. i think you guys know what i mean. i took the carb apart ang cleaned it, but it runs the same. new plug also. is it something electrical? maybe something got wet? how do i check for this? i didnt change anything on the carb settings just put it back together. any ideas on what this could be would be greatly appreciated. i did a search but nothing came up. also tranny slips after 1/2 throttle. can this be adjusted? when i get the manual im sure i'll learn more. thanks for the help.
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