Question for Jeremy (or other expert): 2000 CR250.


Apr 17, 2001
I love the forks on my new CR250, after just two clicks on the stiff side, it seems great for me. I have even had a couple of close calls with nose dives off of a 60 foot step-down.

The manual states that for a rider over 170 lbs, the forks will need stiffer springs or more oil. I've only rode it twice, but I don't see it.
I love the forks!


This is my concern. I'm not quite clearing the short doubles and step-ups and I seem to be approaching the jump at the same or more speed than the 150-170 lbs riders. However, they seem to clear them easily. (I'm 200 lbs)

I have yet to adust my race sag / spring preload. Will this make a difference on my take-off? I'm having problems getting my rear-wheel high in the air.

To make a long question short: Does rear suspension setup have a direct relationship on the height by bike can get off of jumps?

I'm 200 lbs and am wondering if this is why my bike is not getting the lift the lighter riders are getting.

Please help.

Jeremy Wilkey

Owner, MX-Tech
Jan 28, 2000
The situation is not with your suspension most likely but techinque. I'm not saying you can't make improvements with your setup. Definetly set sag and do everything right, but the bike should not be holding you back at this point. Try seting the basics, and then go talk with the guys over at the riding techinque forum.
Good Luck!



Apr 17, 2001
Thanks Jeremy ..... I'll scan that forum. I recall a thread referring to this type of problem.

It seems that I better start working on my jumping technique!

Blaming the bike was worth a try anyway:D

Buzz Bomb

May 9, 2000
One thing you might want to try to get more lift and a little more distance is to bounce the suspension when on the the face of the jump. And once you are in the air, tap your rear brake to get the rear end even with the front.


Jun 26, 2001
hey bermbuster

A good idea for your problem is to have a sonebody watch your the body position when you hit the jumps. that maybe the problem. Also is good thing to do is practice your mid-air correction. believe me it help me:D
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