Tim Berlinski

Jan 11, 2016
I have a 2013 KX450F with the PSF. I have the G2R gold valves on the comp, gold valves on the MV and gold valve on the shock. Ok my problem really is for the front and back but i'll give them separately.
Feels great on jumps and on landings, starting to get the turning better seems to want to turn nice now. But over the chop is sooooo rough. I'm leaning towards HS rebound but I'm not too sure on this.
I also noticed yesterday when coming off a jump and flat landed, not really even at super high speeds but when I landed it was like the front tried to tuck under and throw me over the bars. It has done this before and made me crash lucky didn't crash yesterday but it did it a few times.

Same deal it feels great on jumps, landings, traction seems like I'm getting it a lot closer. But around braking and accel bumps it is so harsh it bounces me off the seat and my feet off the pegs. I have messed around yesterday with lsc clickers and HSC clickers and while some made it worse nothing made it better. Once again I'm leaning towards HSR but not too sure. One guy told me my spring is too stiff, it's a 6.0 from RT, I'm 225lbs, tracks here are mostly harder with a lot of rough stuff, MX, I would say slower C rider. The guy I spoke with said I should go to a 5.8 but I'm not positive that's my problem. Sag set about 105mm.

If you guys need all my stacks I can post them up, just trying get this thing figured out.


Mar 14, 2016
HI Tim
I was having the same problem, the last 3 months, with my ktm. I had the suspension redone by a professional for my weight after watching a lot of videos from mx-tech, slavens, best dual sport bikes and many more. I realized that when you are hitting the small fast action bumps the suspension is up in the first 3rd of travel. so I concentrated on the Preload and the spring stiffness. Listened to Slavens about Asian springs not beig very reliable with there claimed spring rate and length and reordered a spring he sells, which are made in U.S or Europe. And wow after multiple re valves and adjustments that only made small improvements. the spring change corrected about 90 % of the problem and readjusting the clickers according to Mx-Tech's suspension guide fixed the other 10%. I'm a enduro rider not a mx rider so my overall suspension is set more plush than yours but the correct softer rate spring with the correct preload along with the already correct re valving the bike is dialed in. Good luck

Pete Payne

MX-Tech Suspension Agent
Nov 3, 2000
Harshness or a spike are normally caused to compounding forces. Like too much spring pressure (air pressure) to high an oil volume , to tight clicker settings, to stiff valve settings.
Sometimes you need to back them all off, sometimes it is just one area.
What are your clicker settings and oil height.

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