Question for New England Riders---Bike Registratio

Sep 22, 2003
Where do you register your bikes? I live in Ct. on the Mass. border, and most of my riding is on trails in Mass, and since I intend to ride up at Tolland State forest, I know I will have to get it registered (the rangers patrol on ATVs). Some bike shops have advised me to get Vermont or N. H. registration, others say Mass., others say Ct. Ideally, I would like to get my stock KDX street legal as is, but I don't see that as very likely, since the DMV requests the title, and it clearly states for offroad use only. Any suggestions as to what to do?
Feb 28, 2003
Youy need to do mass ohrv registration (or street plates) to ride in mass forests. I think you gotta do it at the registry in boston.

I live in mass but i dont ride in ma. ( I may reg. and ride in mass some times next year)

I ride in nh ( a couple good places) and i am registered in nh as ohrv. you need to register in whatever state you ride in ..and if you ride in ct and ma you need to reg. in both states because the do not reciprocate. (sp?)

I rode a thomaston dam in conn. last year and it was legal to ride there with nh registration. so that worked out good


Nov 3, 2000
i also live in ct,and have mass and ct offroad can get the mass plate online thru the dept of fisheries,wildlife,and env law enforcement site,its $35 for a year for non residents.thomaston is pretty relaxed about the plate although it is required the dep guys are the only ones that enforce it and in three years of going there i've yet to see any,the rangers and police just give a friendly wave and leave you be.