Jan 10, 2000
You would think a factory rider would have a better setup bike than that. I noticed during that race that a few privateers appeared to have better working boingers than some of the factorey guys. Makes me think the factory suspension tuners are the same guys that have put out poorly valved honda forks year after year.


Jan 7, 2001
Actually, I suspect that the "fast pros" that have suspension that looks pretty crappy demand that type of setup. The suspension technician can only recommend setups but if the rider wants it a particular way thats how they get it. I know for a fact that they (kawi) have tried to get him to run a more conventional setup but he just hates it. He grew up making the tall bikes fit him by letting the shock hang wayyyyyy down in the stroke and now thats what he's comfortable with. I actually have to give the suspension guys a tip of the hat for making such a strange setup actually work as well as it does.


Oct 9, 2000
I would have to agree that it is all a matter of preferance. I like a saggy shock coupled with firm forks. It never pleases other riders, but I like it alot. I also agree that RC's size has a huge factor in his setup.
BTW, Jer, I guess you shave your head:confused: :think ?

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