Aug 9, 2001
Hey everyone, im tired of riding the xr's and i want a 125, but do u think im tall enough, i am 14, 100 lbs and 5'4. I looked at a kx100, but i dont want to have to race 125 class with it, So what brands do you all prefer? And i guess if i take it easy on the 125 i should be able to handle it. What do you all think?:think


May 20, 2001
You just don't "take it easy" on a 125 in the strictest sense of the word. They are meant to be revved and ridden aggressively. If you mean riding sensibly, then yeah, people your size can ride 125s.

However, if you start at the bottom levels of competition, a kx100 will not be any sort of hindrance to your success if you are more comfortable on it than on a 125 and move up when you outgrow it.


Mar 7, 2001
If you feel comfortable moving up to a 125 I say go for it. My son rides my 125 and he is only 5'2". He couldn't race it but rides it all the time. With that said, don't move up unless you really are comfortable with the size. He is not and I will be getting him an 80, YZ probably.
The problem will be when you drop it. Can you pick it up, hop on, and restart in a reasonable time with other bikes zooming past.
If you decide on a 125, as much as I like my Husqvarna, and even with the fact that for a 125 it has a lot of low end that makes it eaiser to ride, I would not reccommend it to anyone under 5'7". It is over 38in at the seat.
At 14 you still have a year left to race, 80cc mini class off road and MX, or 100 cc Boy racer class for MX.


May 21, 2001
I don't want to get you killed, but I'd say go for the 125. I was fourteen when I moved from an xr100 to a cr125. I didn't ride it full out the first day, but the power become very manageable over time. As for which color, I'd tend to say honda. They are red. Really, all MX bikes these days are quality (except the yello...), and they'll all be more than enough in the power department for you. Have fun


Jan 10, 2001
i was also 14 when i moved up to my 125...but i think i was a little bigger, maybe 5'9 and 120 lbs. once you get used to the power curve of a 2-stroke i'm sure you wont have any trouble, unless youre on one of those red things...


Aug 8, 2000
Go with what you're comfortable with. I know a kid who is 15 and races his kx100 in the 125 class and won by 30 seconds. A kx100 can beat 125s, it's all up to the rider.

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