Nov 9, 2000
Can someone here tell me the procedure for taking the rear swingarm off my bike, I've tried a few things and know I should get a shop manual, but that is a lot of money for this one job. I'm planning on greasing the bearings after I get the arm off, which should be easy enough once I have it all off, I hope. Thank you for your time.


Mike-Which model do you have? If it's close enough, or identical, I;ll copy and fax you the pages you need tomorrow (Book's at home). I have the book that covers the 250/300/380. If your's is 98 or newer (I think), it should be the same. Email me your fax number if this will work for you.


Jun 3, 2002
I took my swingarm apart on my 2000 KTM250exc and its very easy. All I did was remove the two plastic frame protectors and drove the swingarm bolt out. The bearings were packed with grease very good, so I didn't have to do anything to it except to put alot of grease on the swing arm bolt. Be careful when driving the swingarm bolt out or in, I didn't realize it, but I missed up the threaded ends of the swingarm bolt where the bolts that hold on the frame protector screws into the swingarm bolt.

Take Lou up on his offer. He is always being very generous.
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