Report on my Race - very disappointed


Raced last weekend at Diamondback in NY State. We had our own gate (we didn't have to stagger start with the 80's). There were 8 women that showed up. It was nice to have such a big turnout. I was very nervous but I had a big fanclub behind me! Got a lousy start but just nailed it and went into the first sharp left-hander, went to the inside and passed 4 people only to lose it on the next turn. I went downhill from there and I could have done a lot better if I would have jumped the doubles (too chicken). I need to practice doubles now and try to get better on my turns. I came in 6th out of 8. I was about to send my greyhound out to race for me, she would have kicked butt. Oh well, maybe next time. Have to go now, going riding shortly, leaving work early today to do some great trailriding in northern NJ.
Life is grand! :D
Nancy (AKA Harleygal)


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Hey, don’t feel bad. I did the same thing at my last race. I got smoked by girls on 125s, 80 Experts and KX100s. I did ok on the corners but even the 80 was jumping higher. When you figure out the secret to doubles, let me know. Just keep at it! It will get better!

Expect a dejected report from me. I am going to race the Washougal national and fall down in front of lots of people. :eek:
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firecracker don't fall on me! last year at washougal i got run over in 1st turn and was on the bottom of the pile. hate when that happens. see you at washougal in a couple of weeks


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Can't wait to see you there! How many other ladies of DRN will be there? Bbbom? SL99? DIRTYGIRLY, YOU BETTER MAKE IT! ;)

I promise I will fall down away from you all. :confused:

I've never even ridden that track! I haven't had the time to go down to one of the district 27 races yet. Smart racing strategy, huh? I know it's cool, everybody tells me so, but I haven't found out myself yet. This should be interesting.


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Here's a "pat on the back" for getting out there in the first place! Be proud that you're part of a rare breed: you have the courage to ride and improve, and get up and dust yourself off to ride another day.:) Majority of women are content to stay on the sidelines and "stand by their man" (of course, I do that, too).:eek:
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nkd, the fact that you even go out there at all, is so awesome! All of you that race and compete, that's great that you even do it...
makes me want to go right out and start racing tomorrow!!!
oh wow, I'm getting motivated!!!!