Dec 27, 1999
0's my issue. I've got a 98 KX 250. Stock suspension. I go about 220 w/ gear right now. Thus, I'm far to heavy for the bike as currently sprung.

I'd really like to respring now. Suggested springs are 5.4 and .48's. (EDIT: oops...recommended fork springs are actually .44's and not .48's!) I've contacted a vendor (Shocknut) about springs/prices/etc. I'd really like to buy new springs and get them installed this year yet.

However, I'm also working on losing weight (working out & controlling diet). The goal is to lose about 25 to 30 lbs. (yes, i'm a fat *******.)

The effect of having a "way-undersprung" bike are obvious....bottoming, etc. However, what are the effects of having a slightly oversprung bike (assuming my fat arse loses some poundage in the relatively near future)? If I go forward with new springs now and lose weight, will I just be looking at respringing again....and again...and again?

Surely there must be others with similar issues? Any advice? Should I just respring for my current weight and live with the effects of having an oversprung bike later? Should I put off installing springs until I get the weight issue under control and maintained? I'm at a loss!!

Any advice would be appreciated.
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May 24, 2001
My experiences with springing are that the wrong springs work pretty poorly. At lower speed/easy trail riding, I guess I'd go for the softer springs. But for high speed and mx stuff, you want the thing sprung properly for your real weight.

If, I mean when, you lose the 25-30 pounds, reward yourself with the right springs and sell the old ones. That way, you'll be very motivated not to put the weight back on!:scream:

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Jan 9, 2000
If you got your bike sprung for your desired weight-you should have engoung adjustment with the clickers to compensate for the slight difference in your actual weight.-Dont forget when you ride you often pick up 30lb of mud and not bother respringing.Also you can mix your old fork springs with the new ones to get a rate inbetween.The forks cand be tuned with oil weights/springs/air gap and clickers so you have alot of options.


Oct 9, 2000
from what I have been told, no amount of respringing will really solve the heavy bottomng problem in KX's. Their valving is very light. I have a 99KX125 and I went through 3 very stiff levels of springs and still bottom alot. I am also about 140. The lightest springs I tried should have worked.
In comparison, my new KX with revalved suspension has comparably light springs but I have yet to bottom it(for the record, I have tried)!


Jul 28, 2001
kx 250 suspension

I am also 220 and have a 97 KX 250. I sent my shocks to Pro Circuit with my weight and my preference of riding conditions. They set the suspension up and I have not had any problems. I ride woods, desert and track in Southern California. Perhaps you could take your bike to a local service provider and they can take care of you. Pro Circuit is local in Corona. Good luck.
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