Oct 24, 2000
Does anyone have any background information on the RG3 suspension on a 2001 yz125? I am thinking about going with the RG3 or the Mx-Tech, but I want too know some good/s bads about the products. Also could someone tell me what the differences in prices would be too get the shocks and the forks done for a 130lb' 5'11 1/2? Thanks


Mar 14, 2001
i have heard only very positive things about RG3, I plan on taking my forks/shocks their my self in a few weeks. My friend got his done there and he loves what they did to them.

I'm not sure about yzmodels, but they did my friends cr250, and are gonna do his brothers yz426 and my cr125 soon.

they are fast, and honest. my friend thought he had the stock fork springs he got on his used cr, took it to them to put the correct springs in front and rear, the fronts were already upgraded to his weight by the previous owner so they knocked 75 bucks off the initial quote. he loves how his bike handles now.

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