Riding near full RV hookup in SoCal


Oct 22, 2002
HELP!! My wife is killing me. I was planning on going to Hungry Valley in Gorman, CA next weekend for four days with the RV to do some riding. However, when I told her that it was dry camping only, she freaked! She said there was no way I was going to ride all day in the dirt and not be able to take several showers before I got in her RV!!

So... where can I find some good riding that has a full hookup RV park adjacent???



May 20, 2000
Frank Raines ORV park has full RV hookups and showers. It's on the west side of I-5 a little less than an hour south of Tracy. There's not 4 days worth of riding there, more like one day. It's a mix of single track and some 4x4 stuff. Hollister Hills is a beautiful ORV park with full hookups, showers and a little m/c shop. There's a little more riding there than at Frank Raines and a couple of tracks, too.
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