Mar 29, 2001
It's nowhere to be found on the net (at least not specificaly). What type of spark plug should I buy for my 1995 husky WR360? (heat range that is) I can easily get NGK ones...
Looking at
the spark plugs on my husky come out "Wet fouled", my husky is not even giving me 30 miles on 2 a gallon tank . Dunno if I should let you know that I live in Bogota which is 2000 meters (6562 feet) above sea level.
I would take it to the shop, but I havent found a mechanic who can do it for me (I live in COlombia, no specialized husky mechanics here)

Should I do something to my carburator? I do trail riding, and dont go too fast.

Eric gorr: Do your books cover these steps, or any specific ones for huskies?
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David Trustrum

Jan 25, 2001
Sounds like it is richer than Bill Gates. Most bikes are sold well rich so they don’t seize in the worst possible conditions, like desert racing with suspect fuel. Do a search on jetting &/or maybe someone in Euro bikes forum will give you a starting point. The spark plug heat range will not cure this.


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Aug 24, 2000
When I worked at TUF Racing in the early 1990s we took on some Huskies just to evaluate getting a dealership. Those bikes were jetted so rich it was unbelievable. Looking back I think Husky dumped the bikes on us just so I could figure out the jetting for them. I dropped the main jet 6 sizes and one leaner needle, and 3 leaner pilot jets. I swear the Husky 360 stock jetting specs must've been designed by OPEC!
I can't guess on the baseline jetting specs for your altitude, but just figure on leaning the three fuel circuits by trial and error. Also there are no specs in my book on the Husky, sorry but we ran out of space!
Theres a guy names CUJET who has a Husky 360 here at DRN, maybe he can get you some baseline jetting specs.


Mar 29, 2001
jetting then , huh?

So you guys don't beleive at all that it might be that the ignition coil is not producing enough energy, nor that the heat range in my plug is incorrect, right?

The "wet fouled" problem can be solved by jetting....I am a little concerned I might make it too lean and maybe
not provide enugh fuel ---> not enough oil ----> blow the engine?!?!?!

Could this happen at all?


Mar 7, 2001
As far as heat range, most enduro bikes run an 8 range on NGK, and MX bikes a 9. I use an NGK-B8ES on my MX bike but I don't race, just a little track practice and trail/woods riding.


Damn Yankees
Nov 21, 2000
I ran NGK-B8ES spark plugs for two years. I fouled one plug prior to rejetting and never fouled anotherafter re-jetting the thing. I did change them periodically as preventive maintainance:)

Interestingly enough the one I fouled happened after a LONG down hill almost a mile long steep Rocky Mountain Goat Trail ( At least it felt like a goat was actually a motorcycle trail for those who care) It got all loaded up and when I tried to clean it out on a short fouled bad.

After re-jetting I rode that same trail many times with no plug problems. And yes I used to clutch and blip the throttle once in a while to try and keep it from loading fouled anyway on that pre-rejetting day....:)

Message? Don't be afraid to rejet a Husky. Especially if it has stock jetting and you ride at altitude. Also remember those husqvarna WR360's had a LOT on compression. Hard to kick over. One I learned how to maximize the start RPM by "snapping" that kick start vs. Jumping and pushing real started easier. The Kick start gear plus hi compression made them hard to get enough RPM's from the kick starter to get them running.:)

( My VOR is MUCH easier to get started! Go figure....and its a 503cc Fourstroke THumper!)
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