Apr 23, 2007
can someone tell me if these numbers sound correct for the jetting on a 1995 rm 250. i live in kansas. it has an fmf pipe and silencer. stock airbox and i run 32:1 maxima 927 or bel ray with 92 octane fuel. im not sure if these numbers are stock or not 3.8 i think this is for the needle? 48 pilot? and 168 main. the reason i ask is because it seems to run rich. im going to drop a tooth on the front sprocket and maybe add a 10 oz flywheel weight (as soon as someone on here sells me one for cheap) and steel clutch plates . then ill start looking at the plug and see what it needs. thanks guys.


May 15, 2007
FMF's website has a jetting tech section. They list a 172 main for a 1995 RM250 with their pipe. If you are runnign a 168 then you should not be too lean if any at WOT. Needle clip position will change the mid throttle and the pilot and screw will adjust your off idle response.

Do a google search for FMF's website and then go to techsupport and then the jetting center.


Feb 7, 2007
I'm running a platinum pipe with a 178 main. if you run 40:1 oil you will foul less plugs but it will actually richen your fuel mixture at the engine.

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