Oct 9, 2003
i have a 2002 yz 167 with a stroked crank with :brass spacers welded to the crank........a friend of mine said that the 167 cranks cant be trued becuase of the bras spacers and that the cranks arn't good for the engine. is this true or false......becuase mine went out and i was wondering whether or not it was safe to fix it and put it back in...........on a diff note. my clucth has been going out the last couple of times. i have a hidson basket in it and ive replaced all the clutch plates after each time it broke, the last time i made sure i put them correctly and still they broke,........any answer would be very helpful. thank you for your time
Maddox Racing #22


Oct 21, 2000
Can you elaborate on what you mean by your crank went out and your clutch broke? What exactly happened? I assume parts didn't actually break inside your engine.

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