Oct 10, 2000
I ride a kdx 220 on a track nearby my house that has quite a bit of sand on it. There are whoops and huge berms that I love to take. The bike gets pretty hard to control and handle and have found my bike swamping a few times when I got moving pretty fast.It also has a rear end kick over large whoops. So if I added rebound would that hurt my high speed riding and riding on places without sand? Can somone correct me if I'm wrong that rebound is for better riding low speed and more control through turns and compression is for absorbing obstacles and better high speed riding. Thanks,
Mike Nelson


Aug 25, 2000
...not exactly...rebound and compression are used in all conditions. Yes, though, as a general rule, sand requires more rebound than say a fast hardpack track. Check out Jer's tunig guide at www.mxtech.com I think it might clear up some of the mystery.

It's nearly impossible to tune for all conditions at once, but you should be able to find and acceptable compromise.

Good luck!


May 3, 2001
JTT is right on the mark. Remember, as a rule when you ride sand you want your bike set-up stiff comp. & slow rebound and when you ride hardpack soft comp. & fast rebound.



May 20, 2000
The key to taming the rear end is to keep the power on! If you need to slow down or the back starts to swap, don't let off! Keep the power on and learn to drag the rear brake.

Slowing the rebound kills your traction in the soft stuff. I suppose it solves the problem but only because you are going slower.

The faster a person gets the less rebound dampening they need. The only problem with this concept is that when you make a mistake and chop the throttle :)

Mike, work on learning to drag the rear brake with the throttle on. It's the holy grail for going fast in the sandy whoops and braking bumps.

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