saving $ on gloves

Mr. Lord,

I am tired of buying gloves, they only last a year or so and then you need new ones. What is (is there) a technique for riding with out gloves that you can share with us toads?:D


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Good idea, and if anyone knows of a way to ride without shoes on let me know. Those mx boots are 'spensive! Them brain buckets ain't really necessary either, right?:p


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HA! and you thought offroad was teasing!

Thats right I have road without gloves for what better part of 20 years. Do I tell riders Hey you shouldn't wear gloves! NA . But everytime i hear riders complain about arm pump, or hand numbness, the first thing to look at is the fancy gloves they have on.
Here is my reason for not wearing gloves.
1. I have a better feel for the motor and acceleration points.
2. I have a terrible problem with "monkey griping the bars"
3. Gloves always seemed to make #2 worse.
4. I have worked with my hands all my life, little nick here or there is common.
(although rocks at maplehurst used to be a nasty sting!)
5. You won't follow another rider long if he is pelting you with boulders! remember i raced open class for a long time.

So those are some of the reasons I have, plus I just got into the habit of not wearing gloves. Funny thing is I won't race without my chestprotector!
go figure.

Now do i recommend riders do this, no. But what i would recommend is if you are having hand or arm problems. then i would take off the gloves for a practice or maybe 1 moto to see if there is a difference. If so go and shop for a pair of gloves that won't restrict movement and aren't to tight!
DOn't forget to tape the thumb knuckle.......or you will probabaly have a little blood loss. :think

oh and hey the "mr lord" deal.......I aint that old yet! :cool:


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Even though KLX4smoke and I will NEVER, EVER agree on much:) I'm with him here on this one....

Dewd...if you can't afford a pair of gloves in a years time, you are in the wrong sport! I hate to even think about what your bike might look like.

If you decide you want to participate in this sport, I suggest going to AutoZone and getting some Mechanix and effective.


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well if we are going there......

I think that comparing gloves to boots or helmets is a little bit of a stretch. Gloves may keep you from getting a skinned knuckle or maybe keep ya from a rock bruise. other then that if it gets more serious then that gloves will help of course, as much as a helmet or

but i think many will look at this post and not understand what i think offroadtoad was saying. he may have seen me ride in this area and seen that i don't wear gloves..........hence the remarks.

I am guessing at this point but one thing for sure, thinking that gloves are as important as helmet or boots........ not a chance.
Riders these days without chestprotectors more then they wear them, I think thats as important as helmet and boots no question.

Dont' mistake this post either, I do this, should you do it,

thats up to you.

Wardy is on track with what I meant.

I always wondered why/ how he could ride without gloves. Never really thought of it from an arm pump issue.

The type of motorcylce racing I come from gloves are as important as a helmet, and paying $150-$200 a pair that are sweated out in a season is the norm. :eek:

Jake T


What kinda gloves are you buying that they cost that much?
Are they jewel encrusted or something? I got a discount pair
of MSR Rage gloves for $15.


$150 - $200 American smackers:scream: :scream: Great googly moogly.

That is a lot for a pair of gloves. I would also be interested as to what kind of gloves you are buying. I just payed $26 + shipping for Fox Pawtectors last week.


I think he is talking about streetbike gloves it wasn't to clear to me but I have seen them for more than 200 bucks.
my fox gloves were 40 and my axo gloves were 35(canadiana so like 20 and 15 u.s.)


oh and a nother thing,
I don't even ride with gloves any more I did for bmx racing because it was mandatory but I usualy don't wear gloves.
I usualy forget to tape my thumb knuckle so I have 2 scabs one one each thumb and there is blood on my grips and lots of it


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I'll sell you a brand new!
$75 and I'll send em next day air! :p


Wardy if you are riding MX I can see gloves as a choice. But for Enduro or Crosscountry I feel gloves are as neccessary as boots,as a tree limb can rip the skin right off you.
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I may agree

but i haven't rode a woods race in so long i can't remember if i wore gloves or not!
The 27 years experience i have is almost totally mx.
Course we will be having 3-4 harscramble races at our new place this fall, I won't be racing it but when i have rode the trails without gloves the thorns did suck! Any way i guess the no gloves deal was more i could never find any that fit the way i liked, not to mention my hand numbness was really bad so i just gave up on it and rode without.

Gloves I am talking about are good road race gloves. You need an articulated carbon/kevlar knuckle area with another hard cover over the outside bone on the top of your wrist (the little bone breaks when you flop the back back of your hand down as you tumble during a crash). You also need one last slider on the outside of the little finger ( for those times you refuse to admit that you have crashed and continue to hold onto the handlebar).

The difference in good gloves and really good ones is quite significant. I have had my little finger reassembled after blowing apart just good gloves. With really good gloves you are looking for the backup bike, with just ok ones you are looking for a good surgeon. :think