SC Riding this weekend


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Gomer, you be nice to Kali! What am I saying, if she has no problem hanging out with the likes of Kiwi, I think she can handle hanging out with you. ;) Will you be on Mark's bike this weekend?

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I'll be working on my bike and Jen's if the parts come in. If not I'll be sitting on the couch going "Vrooom, Vrooom"


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I may end up going and if I do it will be Sunday. But it all depends on if I go up to Charlotte or not.

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Update: We're going to TNT Sunday...Danny's clutches came in! I still don't have a bike. :(

Nope, I don't have the blue fire-breather. (Did I mention I found the rev limiter on it? :p)

Some friends have offered to let me borrow a 97 YT and a 01 CR. I hate to say it, but I think the YT is probably setup better for me. Ivan, if you tell Jimmy I said that, I'll spank you like a rented mule!

Hmm, maybe that's not much of a deterrent...

Speedy, Kali's coming riding next weekend after she spends a week driving a rental 4x4 around SC spittin t'backy on Japanese cars. Besides, she's's Kevin I have the "special" ride planned for. :p


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Call me at the shop tomorrow. I may be able to make it on Sunday. Did you talk SpokerAce into going?


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I didn't talk to him about it...I didn't decide to go until Lori told me that Danny's clutches came in. How about it, S/A? (I have a spoke wrench if you want to come)


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I won't be able to make it this weekend...

I think my spokes are ok right now (which is pretty amazing)...of course they're coated in mud who knows...