Jul 14, 2000
I hope this is the right forum to paste this question in.

I use a Scott's Steering Stabilizer. The setting that I like the best is to set the low speed control at three clicks from full hard. Basically I use it as a low speed dampener only. My thought was that if I changed the fluid to something with a higher viscosity it would allow me to adjust my low speed control to something more in the middle of it's range, possibly giving me more finite adjustment. I contacted Scott's and their advise was to actually go to a fluid with lighter viscosity. They said it worked backwards from what seems logical.

Has anyone experimented with changing fluid viscosity in a Scott's stabilizer? Even with what Scott's told me it seems to me that it's still just a hydraulic system and a more viscous fluid would give increased dampening.

Does anyone have any experience with this subject?


Jun 6, 2000
The stiffer you run the low speed, the less effective the high speed is. They probably meant go lighter with the oil to get more reaction from the high speed valve, but the Scotts fluid is 2.5wt. I run 2.5wt fork oil in mine, try 5wt or a mix and let us know.

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