Mar 6, 2001
Was curious if anyone has any feedback on the 2001 Suzuki DRZ 250?? It appears to be the first of the big 4(Zuk,Yam,Hon,Kaw) to come standard with a E-botton and kicker. So are there any owners of this bike on this forum?? My question for owners of the 2001 DRZ 250 would be; "would you purchase this bike again with what you've learned riding it??" I would like to know what the gearbox spread is to find out how tractable it would be in slow rough technical stuff, but realize I might have to contact a dealer to get that info.Thanks in advance for any info you can share! CD


Super Power AssClown
Oct 4, 1999
New Mexico
The latest issue of Cycle News just had a ride report on it, and a recent issue of Dirt Bike covered it as well. Bottom line, it's a trail bike built to compete with the likes of the XR250.

el presidente

Dec 21, 2000
i recently went to a suzuki shop in my neck of the woods and i was very inpressed by the bike. but i don't know anyone that has purchased the bike yet. but i also have one question, the oil cooler frightens me as to the location on the bike. does it damage easily when layed down? if anyone can answer that question for me i would appreciate it. thanks


Apr 13, 2001
from that article it seems more like the wr250f than a xr250 or ttr250. And its sweet that it has a pumper carb, that means perfect throttle response. looks like a no brainer if someone was in the market for a 250 fourstroke trail bike/woods/enduro, and either dont want or can't afford the wr250f.
but this should slow/stop sales of the xr250 & ttr250.
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