selling my 83 200 need to know it's value


Dec 16, 1999
I'm about to put my 83 kdx200 up for sale and I need to know what it's worth. It has all new plastics, new seat cover, new rings, new clutch plates, moose pipe guard, acerbis rally guards, new kx bend bars, just replaced all levers with stock components, better than stock front brakes(off a 70's vintage yamaha), new rear brake pads, heavy duty inner tubes, new stator, moose fender bag, larger than stock carb, new fork seals and fork boots, an Answer SA silencer(reccomended by Fredette Racing) and repair manual. It runs very well and has never been raced by me. I have mailtained it well and it will start on one or two kicks. I am thinking about $1000. I live in Colorado and the market for cheaper dirt bikes is pretty good. Can I get more than that? What price should I post it for?


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May 3, 2000
You would be doing very well to get $1,000 IMO. Don't want to rain on your parade, but most buyers would prefer to get a newer bike for that kind of money. I think $600 - $700 is more realistic, but that is JMHO.

Go to one of the online sales pages like cycle trader and do a nationwide search and see what other people are asking for theirs.

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Mar 17, 2000
You could check out They provide a data base to look up the values for just about everything. Another place is check out your local paper and see what other bikes of similar vintage to yours are going for. $1000 seems too high. The $600-$700 is a pretty good estimate.

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