Selling my KDX.. want something smaller


Dec 4, 2009
I have an 01 KDX220 and it's a great bike. Incredibly reliable, and a great bike to learn on. That being said, I dont ride very often and today was the first time I had ridden in about 6 months. Hopefully that will change though.

The majority of the time, I was riding my girlfriend's XR100. It's a ton of fun to ride and feels very nimble/easy to throw around. Of course, it'd be nice to have some more power and to be a bit more comfortable on the bike, but I was smiles all the way around. On the KDX, I felt incredibly cautious the entire time. It's just very top heavy and a bit tall. I've tried lowering it, but the weight still bothers me a bit. It was the first time I've ever ridden on dusty/super dry conditions so I was washing out a ton. It happened a few times on the XR100 but is not nearly as scary.

I don't race and am somewhat of a smaller rider. I'm 5'7" and 140 lbs. I ride mostly woods, but like to play on the track as well. I should also mention that I race mountain bikes and spend much time riding them. Being able to throw around the XR100 made me feel at home. I just know it's a bike that may be too small for me.

Any suggestions?

Two I've had in mind are the KX100 and CRF150RB though I'm afraid they may be a bit too small for me. What do you guys think?
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