Send Letter to Nominate Roy Denner to Represent Us


Mar 20, 2001
To all recreationalists,

We need to send Gale Norton our nomination for Roy Denner to be reappointed
to the California Desert Area Council. Please send you letters now. Roy Denner has been very active at the desert meetings, and he loves to see support from our community !!

Ms. Norton,

First of all, thank you for your assistance to those in Klamath Falls. I
know you have to balance how we effect our environment and how the
environment affects us. Likewise, I need your assistance with the
California Desert Advisory Council.

It has come to my attention that the California Desert Advisory Council
recreation interest positions are up for appointment, one of which is
presently held by Mr. Roy Denner. Mr. Denner supports recreation interests,
and believes he does not expect to be reappointed due to the fact that Tim
Salt, the Desert District manager is an environmental activist and anti OHV.
Mr. Salt seems intent on filling the vacancies with people that would
support his anti-OHV position. Mike Pool, the California State Director,
seems to be condoning, if not actually supporting Mr. Salt´s attempt to fill
the board with his supporters. The reason we have the California Desert
Advisory Council is so we can have a balanced Council, not loaded to one
side or the other.

Being a avid user of Public lands, a resident of California and active in
supporting a balanced use of our Public lands, I strongly urge you to
re-appoint Mr. Denner. His enthusiasm for multiple use is unwavering. If we
do not have people such as Mr. Denner representing us then, we will not only
loose my favorite spots in the world, we will loose the bonds we have
created with family, friends and nature.

The recreational community MUST have a voice on the DAC. That voice is Roy
Denner. Without someone to represent us, we will be subjected to the extreme
side of the environmentalist groups who would shut down all public access
areas simply because they can. Our council needs balance!

I strongly urge you to reappoint Mr. Roy Denner to the California Desert
Advisory Council.

Thank you in advance for supporting Mr. Roy Denner.


Jan 27, 2000

Thanks for the heads-up. Roy is the best choice for this position. Anyone that has ever seen him in action, knows this.

I just recieved a letter from Gail Norton, thanking me for my comments on the Mojave Preserve issues. I don't know if this administration is on our side or not, but, at least they are listening and responding in a positive way. A nice change.:)

I remember the letters that I used to get back from Boxer and heir Feinstien telling me that they got my letter, don't agree, don't care what I think, go piss up a rope, or something like that.

Thanks again.

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