Nov 12, 2001
I've just bought an 02 DRZ E in the UK. I love the bike but it's loud enough to wake the dead. Unless I do something about it soon I will have my neighbours and the police knocking on my door.
Since the 02 UK model is meant to be fitted with a baffle this year I was wondering why it was so loud. I removed the end cap/spark arrestor screen and shone a torch down. There didn't seem to be any baffles in there, only a piece of metal with a round hole about half way down the silencer. Is this the baffle or has the dealer removed it, possibly to sell to an 01 owner, in the hope that I will stump up for a quieter can?
I have spoken to a local exhaust firm about fitting a baffle. They suggested removing the solid end of the spark arrestor and fitting a metal mesh tube to the end cap which would go the length of the can. The rear of this would then be wrapped with glass fibre packing like a conventional race can. He suggested £30 to do this but I have a few questions.
1. How does this arrangement compare to the suzuki quiet baffle and to aftermarket pipes?
2. Will this help silence it?
3. How will it affect power & jetting?
4. Has anybody else tried it?

I know an aftermarket can will be lighter, look nicer, not rust etc, but I only just managed to get aproval for the bike. If I bought a new silencer now I would be living in the shed with the bike.

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