Mi. Trail Riders
Nov 14, 2002
Ok this winter, or next spring i will be selling my kx100, and i dont' know what i want next. Right now i'm a weekend warrior on the trails, but next summer turn 16, and will be getting out a lot more. I want to get into mx though.

Ok here is what i've narrowed it down to: kx125, kx250-f, crf-250, 125 sx, 200 sx, 200 exc, 200 mxc, 250 exc rfs.

what would you say i go with. I like to ride tight trails, i am 5'6" 135 Ibs. I have 2 years experience.

Basically i want a bike that will pick up from the bottom fast. but i also like to stay in one gear, so a bike that will dig deep, then rev out. I'm looking for light, bc i won't be able to handle the tight turns with the added weight of like a 250. the reason i'm not going kdx200. And a bike with good suspension, incase i want to go to the track instead. but i mainly ride trails. can't ride mx alone till 18 anyways.

What would you say is good for me?

Tom Dixon

Farmer Tom = Face Planter
Mi. Trail Riders
Nov 15, 2001
Easily the 200 EXC. It has a wide ratio gear box and has suspension to handle the track. I have a 250 EXC and I was just at Portland clearing almost every jump out there.

It has be said about the KTM 200's: "Handling of a 125, power of a 250."
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